Working with Children

The first time Mary remembers connecting with someone on the other side was when she was a young girl. She remembers having visions of her namesake, her Irish grandmother, who had passed many years before Mary was born. They were usually quick visions during the night leaving Mary feeling comforted and safe. Mary always remembers missing her as a young child and wondered how you could miss someone you never met.

There were other visitors too. Not all were as kind and gentle as her grandmother. They were frightening and left her with a sense of being unprotected, vulnerable, and afraid to go to bed knowing ‘they’ would find her. No one could help her as she was even afraid to tell anyone about them fearing the bad spirits would get mad at her. It wasn’t until Mary’s own daughter at age 8 had the same experiences that Mary realized they were discarnate entities.

This began another journey for Mary. She made it her mission to learn who these spirits were, what they wanted, why they appeared to certain people, especially children and how to release them from the earth plane into the light.

Since that time 20 years ago Mary has successfully cleared thousand of entities. Mary developed a process to help children, and adults, clear the entities and close any portals and openings that allow the entities to attach themselves to people. When Mary works with children she understands their fears from her own experiences and as a mother understands how chaotic this can be for an entire family.

One thing Mary wants parents to know is that there is nothing wrong with your child. Your child most likely has a huge heart, is sensitive and has a beautiful bright light aura that entities are attracted to.

Usually it only takes one session to clear these discarnate entities and can be done without the child being present.


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