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Psychic Reading Sessions

I will never forget my first reading with Mary in 2005.  Before the reading, I    had scheduled an appointment with a massage therapist named Ruby – a pretty uncommon name.  Then, I proceeded to write down every question I could think of for things I wanted answered.  When the time came for my phone call with Mary, she explained how spirit guides work, and said that my grandparents (who had passed) and the archangel Michael were present for me.  I was a bit skeptical – until she asked me, “Who is Ruby?”, at which point my jaw dropped.  Over the next hour, Mary and my spirit guides provided answers to all the questions I had asked.  And when I ran out of questions, Mary proceeded to say things that only my grandmother could have known – like how when I was in junior high I would visit her before I would go roller skating; and whether or not I still had the silver dollars and other heirlooms she had given me.  My grandmother even attempted to convince me to not purchase a new car – something I had been thinking about, but had not mentioned on the phone.  When the call was over, what stuck with me most wasn’t that my questions were answered.  Rather, it was that I had felt like I had talked to my grandparents again.  I could literally feel them with me.  And though I started the call somewhat skeptical, I ended the call completely convinced.  In the years that I have passed, I have called Mary many times for guidance, and to learn from her.  Once, she even performed a spiritual clearing for me, which to this day has been one of the most powerful and transformative things I have ever experienced in my life.  And all of this work was done from remote and over the phone – I think I had worked with Mary nearly a dozen times before we had even met in person!  All I can say about Mary is that she’s amazing – and if you have the chance to do a reading, clearing, or class with her, don’t hesitate – just take it!”
Dave T.- San Francisco, California

Although Mary functions from this side of the veil, she has truly been a Spirit Guide for me at some crucial times in my life. When I was faced with a decision whether or not to close what I thought was my healing ministry, the very day after following her advice and closing it, my grown daughter began having seizures (5 – 6 per day) and needed constant care for 1 1/2 years. Mary helped make inspired decisions for my severely disabled grandson which have stood the test of time.
Mary has been able to shine God’s light on my path. Although I was unable to understand the full wisdom at the time, the truth she gave me quickly proved to be Divine insight. Thank you, Mary. Because you see so clearly, many of us have been illuminated.

Susan C. Jacksonville, FL

“Mary rocks! Her readings are powerful, insightful and life changing!”
John M.- Park City, Utah

“About a year ago I fractured my elbow while roller-skating.  I was out of work for three weeks, and had six weeks of physical therapy after I was out of my cast.  I was healing slowly.  Then I moved, and during that move I re-fractured my elbow and it was almost worst than the first time.  I went back to the doctor and he wanted to do surgery immediately.  I am self employed and could not afford to have surgery or be out of work for another potential eight weeks.  I told my surgeon that I wanted two weeks to decide and that I would be careful in the mean time.  I immediately called Mary and asked her if she could help heal my elbow with Matrix work.  She did her energy work on me.  Two weeks later, I went back to my surgeon for an x-ray and I when I looked at the films I could see an obvious change for the better.   When my doctor came in the room I told him I was healed and he balked at my remark, only to look at my x-ray himself and had to admit that I no longer needed surgery.  I was able to continue working and make a full recovery thanks to Mary’s ability to heal through her Matrix work.  I highly recommend Mary!”
Lisa D. –  Silverdale, WA

“Thanks to Mary’s reading with me, I now feel at peace knowing I have the love of my son still around me and I can connect with him myself.”
Linda T.- Billings, Montana

Working with Children

“I cannot imagine what our lives would have been like in raising an energy sensitive child had we not had Mary’s gift and wisdom to assist us along this path of parenthood.

By the time our son turned six we knew that we were living with a gifted psychic child and that we would face challenges for which we were not well prepared.  Through Mary’s guidance – usually a check in about every six months to a year – we came to understand our son’s gifts and differences and could relax and ground ourselves and support his spirit.

When our son’s attitude and behavior seemed to change the winter of his freshman year of college, I asked Mary to check in with his energy.  He was so not himself, that we feared that he would not be emotionally well enough to complete his freshman year. It was during that reading that Mary identified and cleared discarnate energy and with her clearing, he was immediately himself again.  Color came back into his cheeks.  His affect was relaxed and his attitude was again optimistic and engaging…and his freshman year was completed successfully.   We have Mary to thank for that blessing.”
Karen L.- Portland, Maine

“A few years ago my son Kyle was having some significant health and emotional problems.  I had tried consulting various specialists to get him help with no results.   When I met Mary I expressed my concern and frustration with her and she offered to help.  Kyle had been having multiple flare ups with his colitis, and also having thoughts and images of him harming himself.  I was at a loss as to how to help him.  Mary did some work with him and discovered that Kyle had a discarnate energy with him, and had for quite some time.  She worked with him and released this unwanted attachment. Within a week I had a complete different child.  He was no longer having thoughts of harming himself and his colitis went into remission.  As time went on if symptoms crept back up, I would contact Mary, she would work with Kyle, and she’d nip his symptoms in the bud so that he didn’t wind up in a crisis.  I am happy to say that Kyle is now functioning at the top of his game both physical and emotionally. I would not hesitate to call Mary first if there were any future issues.”
Lisa D.- Sea Bec, Washington

Anthony’s Gift to Me

“Mary you helped me see beyond my self like a bird in a cage you set me free.”
Anthony L. age 12- Bremerton, Washington

“Mary, I wanted to follow up after your profound works with Jake. When our bright, athletic, 15 year old son began sleeping on the floor next to our bed because of negative, nightmarish experiences, we were naturally concerned. But after constant lurid occurrences and a striking change in our independent boy’s disposition, we felt we had to do something to really help him. What to do was the question. I can’t explain in words what a comforting, strengthening and bonding experience it was have you in our home. We are now emboldened though your facilitation, and no longer frightened or confused.

I appreciated your incredible approach. You were so “normal” and professional in your approach to what felt like a bizarre situation to us. It’s hard not to feel you’ll be judged in such an awkward call for help, but instantly, during our first phone contact and throughout your time clearing our home, we felt understood and as if our protection was your highest goal. I appreciate the fact that you included us in your process.”

“Your compliment that I helped to “hold the energy” during the clearing gave me confidence. As you explained, I (like everyone), am powerful in combating negative energies even if in the moment I felt as effective as my husband holding my handbag outside the ladies’ dressing room. The heavy, oppressive, dark feeling is no longer lurking in our home and our son’s confident and cheerful swagger is back!

My husband especially thanks you for gaining our privacy back in our bedroom.”
Marjie L.- Brownsville, Washington  

Group Readings

“I attended one of Mary’s group readings with a friend who wanted to connect with her son on the other side. Not having any expectations for myself, I was surprised when Mary gave me messages from my mom that turned out to be quite accurate, helping me to make a life decision that lifted me out of years of depression and guilt.”
Connie M.- Salt Lake City, Utah

“Mary is lovely, with a light soul and a good sense of humor making you feel at ease as she connects with your guides. Her readings are powerful and life changing.”
Mark J.- Dallas, Texas

“Mary is fascinating and wonderful and makes sure everyone experiences a connection with their guides.”
Kristen C. -Melbourne, Florida

“I say to Mary, “thank you and bravo” with the group reading she did for my family and friends. She was fascinating and wonderful and made sure everyone had a connection. Her guides are insightful and the information very clear and helpful.”
Jane G.- Augusta, Maine

Private Parties

“Having Mary come to my house for a reading party was an amazing experience for all.  All the guests brought a dish to share and the group socialized while everyone took turns having their individual readings.  I found it interesting to hear about everyone’s readings.  I feel that having the support of a group to process, what can be a powerful experience, is quite helpful and comforting.”
Mary Ellen B. – New Hampshire

“I had the privilege of hosting a group reading party with 15 of my friends.  Not knowing what to expect, everyone was nervous and excited to be a part of the group. As the evening went on, there was much emotion, we laughed and we cried.  It was truly amazing to watch the faces of all those present and see how the wonderful energy changed even the people with roadblocks.  Mary is a true artist in her field; her gift and compassion will bring you to a whole new level. You will embrace her knowledge as you expand your own.  It is truly an exhilarating experience.”
Jean D. – Melbourne, FL

“I highly recommend having a reading party with Mary.  My friends absolutely loved it and talked about it for weeks following the readings.  It was very easy to do – I scheduled my friends for thirty minutes  with five minutes in between in case they ran over a little. I set Mary up in an upstairs room while downstairs I had a mini buffet of food where friends mingled, ate and hung out until they had their reading.  Many were shell shocked with the detail and information they received and we laughed and had a wonderful time. Two of my guests brought personal tape recorders that would not work during the readings but worked just fine before and after the reading.  OOOH….. that was an intriguing topic after their readings.  Personally, it’s been a year since my reading party and the two major things I was concerned about are resolving themselves as I speak.  Sometimes events happen quickly and sometimes they take time. I highly recommend Mary to all. I am one of Mary’s regulars who schedule’s one hour appointments once a year but I found the reading party a lot of fun and just as informative.”
Danielle Y. – Windham, Maine

“I first attended one of Mary’s reading parties at a friend of a friend’s home several years ago.  It was so much fun that I’ve since hosted several parties at my home during Mary’s visits to Maine.  The parties are a great reason to get my friends together, enjoy good food, drink and conversation, and share each other’s excitement after their readings.  We all feel refreshed, renewed, clearer and stronger.  Friends of friends who have never been to a party have come, sometimes skeptical, and left with a totally new outlook.  I never have trouble finding friends to join the party and everyone asks when we can do it again!  Thanks Mary!”
Laurie F. – Portland, Maine


“I took Mary’s Basic Psychic Awareness class thinking I would just learn to connect with my Spirit Guides not realizing what that would mean. Through this workshop, I am a changed person. I have learned to love myself enough to break old habits and create a  joy and abundance in all aspects of my life.”
Peggy M. – Portland, Maine

“I can’t believe how my life has shifted and changed since taking a workshop with Mary. Mary’s teachings are filled with love, knowledge, and fun. The group bonding helped me to really share my issues and deal with them for the first time in my life. I am now happily married after being fearful of relationships after the breakup of my 25 year marriage.”
Sarah M. – San Francisco, California

“I so enjoy workshops given by those who guide not by a ‘work book’ but by the energy of the group.  Mary gently guides each participant through our ‘ah ha’ moments, along with laughter and inspired learning. Her Basic Psychic Awareness workshop was profound and the catalyst to my own deeper intuitive ‘trust’ journey. Mary provided important tools and methods that I still use today.  And… I have to add, that when I’m stuck and really in need of guidance, Mary’s psychic talents have helped me break through and move on, from every single time!”
Suzy Carroll – Port Townsend, Washington

“I have taken 2 of Mary’s workshops.  I have met the Guides I have around me.   It was a series of connections, through guided meditations, that have been very helpful in grounding my trust in my own guidance and intuition.  Mary’s techniques, when practiced regularly, have helped connect me back to my Knowing and Trust in my Self.  I have used this Knowing in my interactions with others and in making some pretty big decisions in my life.  The results are that I am a much happier person and I feel more secure and empowered in my life.  I recommend these workshops to anyone who is ready to step more into their power and wisdom.”
Tina S. Port Townsend, Washington


“My trip to Ireland with Mary  was everything I hoped it would be. The logistics were handled well, the sites we visited ranged from tourist attractions to the deeply spiritual, and I am delighted to have grown close with my traveling companions.”
Debbie A.- Brunswick, Maine     

“Traveling with Mary was truly an adventure!
We had personal readings and spiritual guidance throughout the trip.
We began our visit with a breakfast cooked by her Irish family. We hiked hillsides, walked beaches, and visited ancient sites. A wonderful way to explore Ireland.”

Joan J -Longmont, Colorado

“The beauty of Ireland exceeded every picture I have ever seen and its people     are warm and friendly. The trip with Mary helped me connect with the energies of my ancestors.”
Noreen B.- Boston, Massachusetts

“To have experienced the enduring beauty and mystery of the holy ground of Ireland with Mary is a time I will always cherish. I came home enriched and nourished by the powerful interactions with Mary and the members of our group.”
Dorothy F.- Houlton, Maine

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