What to Expect and How to Prepare for Your Session
Clients schedule readings with me to get answers to affirm that which they already knew on a deeper level. In my reading session with you, I will connect with your highest guidance for your highest and greatest good. These are your personal Spirit Guides. Your guides are there to lead you, and protect you.

Who are my Spirit Guides and what do they do?
Your Spirit Guides are beings in the spirit realms that are in essence looking out for you by working with you towards your highest and greatest good. Everyone is born with a Spirit Guide that will stay with them for their entire life. This Spirit Guide is your Guardian Angel.

We also have access to thousands upon thousands of guides who will give your their particular expertise when you need it. These guides will come through to give you advice on relationships, career paths, family matters and will even help you balance your checkbook! Seriously! All you have to do is ask. They will show up, give you advice and then move on until you need them again. Whether you realize it or not, you have asked for guidance when you think to yourself, “I really could use some help right now.” The right guide will always show up for you. What I love to teach people is how to listen to their guidance and to interpret the signs they give you.

When you have a session with me, at least one guide will appear to give me information for you. I will always tell you who this guide is, even if this guide doesn’t have a name. Yes, there are guides who do not have names. They are the spirits that have never incarnated so they find it very comical that we need to name everyone and everything. Many times they ask you to come up with a name that works for you.

During your session your guides will give you insights into your past, (either from this life or even in a past life), that will show you how your present circumstances has been influenced by past events. Your guides will help you to clearly see the correlation of these events thus enabling you to let go of old patterns or negative energy’s that have been blocking you.

They, in effect, will rewrite old contracts that you established perhaps many lifetimes ago. The new contracts that will be gifted to you will be of a higher frequency allowing you to have more clarity around your situation. This will empower you to make choices based on who you are on a soul level and what your lessons are in this lifetime.

Your guides will not take your power away by making decisions for you. These reading sessions are for your self-empowerment, through messages from your guides, thus allowing you to make clearer and more conscious decisions on your life’s path.

They will work with you in many ways during your session including using the tools I have available in my spiritual healing toolbox. I encourage you to let go of any outcomes and trust that you will get exactly what you need in your session.

How do you connect with loved ones on the other side?
As in any session, I first connect with your highest guidance, for your highest and greatest good. If the purpose of your reading is to connect with a loved one, then from the moment you made the appointment you have set a strong intention for them to connect.

I will also set my intention as we are calling in your guides. I have a process I use to raise my vibration to connect with their energy. Sometimes it is instantaneous; more often than not it takes time. While we are waiting for that connection to get stronger, you will have the opportunity to ask your guides questions.

Many times our loved ones need to know it’s a safe space before they lower their vibration to connect with my vibration. They need to connect at their own pace. While we are communicating with your guides, I will feel your loved ones observing us. When their energy is strong enough, I will start to hear words, or scattered thoughts, perhaps see symbols. These are pieces of a puzzle that I will do my best to put together so we have the whole picture of information for you. You may read more about connecting with loved ones on my Private Medium Session page.

If your intention with a session is to only connect with your Spirit Guides, you may have a surprise visit from a loved one on the other side.  You are always welcome to have boundaries with them and ask them to leave so that you can finish with the session with your Spirit Guides.

How do you do readings?
There are times we are shown messages in metaphors that only you are able to interpret. As long as you get the message, I don’t need to know what it is although you are welcome to ask me questions anytime during this process. It is up to you to understand your reading and take, (or leave), the advice given by your guides.

Your guides may ask me to do energy work on you during your session. They may also use Shamanic extraction work, soul retrieval, past life regression, time travel, and journeys to parallel universes.

We will check and clear your energy field of any negative energy, negative thought forms and any discarnate entities.

Can you predict what will happen to me?
Everyone wants to know the future. Oh, if life could be that easy! We would know what to expect so we could change it, right? Exactly! We all have free will and we all can change the outcome of any situation. So how can I possibly predict the future knowing that you, or other circumstances can change the future? Nobody can predict the future.

That being said, your guides will give you insight into what you can expect from the future based on decisions you make now. In other words, they will tell you the future probabilities based on the path you are on. They will also give you the future probabilities based on a couple of different paths. It’s up to you to decide which path to take.

There are no wrong choices. We all have certain lessons to learn in this world so perhaps what you perceive to be a ‘wrong’ decision in the past was actually the ‘right’ decision so that you could learn a valuable lesson. The question is, did you learn the lesson?

How do you get the information?
When I communicate with your Spirit Guide(s) to receive messages for you, I am only a messenger. My voice doesn’t change, yet the words I speak will be what I am interpreting, to the best of my ability, from the pictures and symbols I see, and words and sounds I hear. I will give you all the information I receive, so that you may interpret what your guides or loved ones are trying to communicate to you.

How do  prepare for my session?
It is helpful to have a list of well thought out questions for your session. This will save you from “forgetting” to ask that one important question. You may also have a “topic of discussion” instead of questions.  Once you make your appointment, you have given yourself permission to start a healing process. By having a list of questions or topics, you are opening yourself to go deeper.

There are times that clients say at the beginning of their reading that they initially set up the session with the intention to get help with a certain situation and that the situation has since been resolved. Know when you make your appointment with me you are giving your guides permission to start your healing process. That is why sometimes your issue is resolved before the session to make way for a deeper issue to be cleared and healed.

Should I take notes?
Your session will be recorded for you. Taking brief notes is always a good idea as sometimes Spirit will not allow the session to be recorded, (i.e.: the recording will be blank), for whatever reason. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, having brief notes will help you to recall the reading easily. I will email the recording for you to download within 14 days. After 14 days your session will be deleted. You may burn a CD, or download the recording to an mp3 player or iPod or just listen on your computer.

What expectations should I have?
Remember, this is you communicating with your guides through me. My goal of each session is to receive information that will gently support you in your spiritual growth allowing you walk in this world with less stress and fear and to be self-empowered in who you are at a soul level.

Your guides will empower you with healing tools specific to your situation for your highest and greatest good. They will gift you with the confidence you deserve to make clear choices in your future. You will receive a powerful healing during your session, so be sure to drink lots of water for the rest of the day to flush out old toxic energies.

Expect the reading session to leave you with joy in your heart and peace in your soul.

Phone Sessions
Phone sessions are just as powerful as “in person” sessions. I have the blessing of supporting people all over the world.

Please find a quiet place where you won’t be distracted by children, animals, phones, and computers. Relax and enjoy communicating with your loved ones or with your own Spirit Guide. The more relaxed you are, the easier it is for me to read you and the more you will get out of your session.

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One Hour Session: $375

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