Medium Work – Connecting with your Loved Ones

Connecting with loved ones who have died is a very personal and intimate experience. It is not meant to be a substitute for grief counseling, rather a tool to empower you with the knowledge that your loved one is still alive, just on a different vibrational plane. When you book a session with me, you can anticipate experiencing relief from grief, a greater sense of peace and a joy in the knowledge that your loved one is still very much connected to you.

I’ve Been There Too
I understand that losing a loved one can be very traumatic and always life changing. When my older brother died at age 28, he left a wife and a young son. It wasn’t unexpected, as he was sick for 2 years with cancer. Yet, it was still a shock. It was traumatic for my parents, and my 4 siblings, not to mention his wife and child.

When I think of my mom’s passing, after many years of being ill, it was much easier to accept, as she was 88 years old. Not only was there an age difference between the two deaths, I had also changed since my brother’s passing. I was 23 when he died and I did not understand it at all. In fact I was angry, very angry, with God.  So angry, I refused to communicate with my guides or even try to connect with my brother. Once my anger subsided, I was able to communicate with my brother. After my mom’s death 6 years ago, I had enough knowledge about the afterlife to understand that she was in a better place and I could still communicate with her. (Read my blog, Connecting with Loved Ones on the Other Side). That knowledge made it much easier to accept her death and experience more peace with her passing.

Connecting With A Specific Loved One
When I do a medium reading for someone, my client’s intention is usually to connect with a specific loved one.  It’s difficult to have any expectations how they will come through. Don’t be surprised if your long lost uncle comes through even though you didn’t know him very well. He may be the one to bring your loved one through that you intended to communicate with in the first place.

Grandparents a lot of times will come through, even if they crossed over before you were born. They always seem to watch over grandchildren. There are times when a loved one from the other side will appear to give you advice. Since your loved ones are usually not your highest and greatest guidance, you will have to decide for yourself if you want to take their advice. Remember, they may be the ones who never gave you great advice here on the earth plane.  Then again, they may have given your valuable advice when they were here.

How Do I Do What I Do?
When I do these readings, I am raising my vibration to a higher frequency and your loved one is lowering their vibration to meet with me. That is the point where I get messages, symbols and feelings of what they are trying to communicate. That’s why it’s like pulling little pieces of a puzzle out of the universe. They don’t speak to me as if I am having a phone conversation with them. It’s more like tuning into a radio station, sometimes the frequency is very clear for a few minutes, and then it may be just static. I will pick up on words, symbols and feelings so that I may interpret them to the best of my ability. You may know exactly what they are trying to tell you and I won’t. All that matters is that you are getting the message.

Expectations of A Loved One Connecting With You
When I attended a workshop with psychic medium John Edward many years ago in New York, he helped me to understand more of how, and why loved ones come through. Also why they sometimes do not come through.

When they come through they mostly want you to know that they are still very much alive, even though they are not in a physical body on the earth plane. They will have messages for you and others in your family. They will give us information about themselves, or about you, that will confirm they are really present. It’s all very fascinating.  My clients experience a lot of relief and peace when they hear that their loved ones are very happy on the other side and joyful to be communicating.

Please don’t think you can ask them specific questions like where they left the will or their gold watch. They really don’t care about material possessions anymore. And they do not come through to resolve family conflicts regarding their material possessions. Sometimes we do get that information, but if that’s the only reason you are getting a reading, you may be disappointed.

As I mentioned before, there are times when they don’t come through. People who have crossed need 2 to 3 months to adjust to their new vibration. A session too soon would only confuse them.  It is also important for you to have a few months to adjust and start your grieving process.

If your loved one has been gone for quite a bit of time, it may be that they want you to let go of them so that they can move forward in their soul’s process or so that you can move forward in your life’s process. Keeping them “earth bound” is not healthy for them, or you.  As hard as this may be to accept, my belief is that it is always for your highest and greatest good.

If You Would Like to Book a Session
Someday we will all understand the beauty and peace that awaits us on the other side. It is my gift to you to help you see and feel that energy by connecting with your loved one.

If you’d like to connect with a loved one who has passed or would like to learn how to connect to your loved ones on your own, I do my medium sessions worldwide, over the telephone.


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