Psychic Medium Mary Deveneau

Psychic Medium Mary Deveneau

About Mary

I’ve Always Been Intuitive
When I was a child I used to lie on my back in a field of tall grass next to my house and talk with the angels. I would imagine (or was I imagining?), being in the clouds with them playing games. They always gave me good advice and have always been there for me. I have vivid memories of being about 8 years old, lying in bed at night talking with my grandmother whom I was named after. She died years before I was born. This was my normal and I quickly realized that was not the case for everyone.  Between taunting from my brothers and constantly being “brought back to earth” by my teachers when I would get lost in this other world, I began to shut down this part of myself, so I could fit in.

A Yearning to Connect
While we all have the ability to connect to our guides and to our loved ones on the other side- given our busy lifestyles, or in our quest to be “normal” we have learned to value logic and reason above our intuitive knowing. Thankfully times are changing and people are listening to their yearning for more connection and are seeking out the answers. That’s what spurred me on in my early 20’s to re-establishing a connection with my guides and my psychic gifts.

The Garage Sale That Changed My Life
When I wanted to understand more about my gifts, I asked my guides to help me. As usual, they started giving me answers. All I had to do was to follow the signs. Signs, literally, to a yard sale! I bought a book for 10 cents by Edgar Cayce (the most documented psychic of the 20th century, Cayce’s been called the “sleeping prophet,” the “father of holistic medicine,” and some credit him with starting the New Age movement). I remember having a cup of coffee at home that morning and thumbing through the book. I remember it so well, I can still visualize the blue paisley wall paper that I starred at between chapters thinking that I was finally getting answers to who I was and that I wasn’t alone with my psychic gifts. I completely resonated with the truth of what he had written and in one short morning, my personal healing journey and my lifelong passion for healing and psychic phenomena had begun.

I Finally Understood What Had Been Going On For Me Since I Was a Young Child
It was all making sense to me; why I always missed a grandmother who had died before I was born and how I really was ‘seeing’ her in the Spirit world, not the physical world. I understand that my gifts are part of who I am and are a blessing. These gifts were here to enhance my life and the lives of my clients. It was time to learn how to best use my gifts.

I Have Dedicated My Life to Psychic Development and Self-Healing
In 1990 I opened a metaphysical bookstore, Light of the Moon in Portland, Maine so that I could continue my studies while sharing my passion for self-healing. After 9 years, with the help of my guides, I ventured out as a speaker, teacher, psychic medium and healer. People often ask if being a psychic means I can predict their future and the answer is no. We all have ‘free will’ and your future can change at anytime. Rather, I teach people that being psychic really means connecting with highest guidance and igniting the self-healing that we all have within. There’s nothing I love more than learning about psychic development and teaching people to awaken to this part of themselves!

My Work Has Evolved Over the Years to Include Many Types of Healing
Shamanism became an important part of my life in the mid 1990’s when I had two years of formal training with Spirit Passages Shamans,  Allie Knowlton, and Evelyn Rysdyk. I have participated in many Native American healing ceremonies, I have also studied with Native American Elders from four different tribes. I  have since incorporated Shamanic healing work into my readings.

I studied Matrix Energetics (a complete system of healing, self-care and transformation) with Richard Bartlett in 2009 as I was looking for new tools for my self-healing toolbox. I fell in love with the power of this work and have since become a Matrix Energetics Practitioner. I now incorporate these techniques into my daily life and my practice.

After years of doing medium work, I had a rare opportunity to take a workshop with author and medium, John Edward.  The knowledge John shared of connecting with spirits on the other side was extremely beneficial to add to my toolbox of knowledge. John shared with me his rare gift of seeing certain signs from Spirits and how best to interpret them so that the client has a better understanding of the message being directed to them.

Igniting the Healing Power Within Each of You
My unique method of a reading session ignites the healing power within the seeker and gifts them with the tools for their own personal growth and the confidence to move forward into their own personal power. My workshops and tele-seminars are designed to clear you of old patterns and blocks giving you the clarity to connect with your personal guides, and loved ones while at the same time creating more peace, abundance and joy in your life. As you connect with your psychic abilities, you will find the spark within and ignite the flame that empowers you to greatness.

Sessions Both In Person and Over the Phone
My clients are from all over the world. I also travel throughout the country to offer workshops and readings and am now expanding to create workshops in New Zealand. I also take people on spiritual adventure tours to my homeland of Ireland.

My Mission
My mission in this lifetime is crystal clear: I’m here to ignite the healing power within each of my clients and help them connect with their Divine Guidance.

My Invitation to You
I invite you to use my website as a tool for your own spiritual growth. I will continue adding information over the months to come. When you feel called to take a workshop or have a reading, it would be my honor to lead you to your highest and deepest connection with yourself, your guides and your loved ones on the other side.

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In light and love,

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