Glossary of Terms

Ascension – To purify one’s self through many incarnations of learning all lessons from Spirit so that you are resolved from future incarnations enabling you to guide other incarnates.

Akashi Records – The Akashic Records are a universal filing system which record every occurring thought, word, and action: a collection of mystical knowledge stored in the etheric levels. The vibrational records of each individual soul and its journey are contained here, making it a profound spiritual resource for consciousness development and expanded spiritual awareness.

Alchemy – A spiritual process to transform one’s own state of consciousness to a higher vibrational frequency.

Chakras – A Sanskrit word for the wheel of life: a whirling vortex of etheric energy attached to the spine, from it’s base to the top of the head and even above. There are 7 major chakras, 21 minor and 49 minute and numerous miniscule. Chakras are invisible energies. Without chakras, there would be no life. Clear chakras create a flow of energy creating clarity and good physical health.

Channel – A person who uses their body and or mind to allow etheric intelligence relay messages or healing energy to others.

Clairaudience – Hearing – Thoughts that seem like your own. It takes practice to distinguish your voice from your guides. You may think about someone, and they will call on the phone. Your daughter 1000 miles away may be cooking seafood for dinner and you suddenly decide to have seafood yourself.

Clairgustance – Taste – to experience taste without putting anything in your mouth, perhaps smelling it at the same time. Smelling the perfume of a loved one who has past.

Clairsentience – The knowing or physical sensation of energy. Feeling the energy in someone’s home, knowing there had been an argument there. These clairsentience people really need to protect themselves because they are psychic sponges.

Clairvoyance – Vision (through your 3rd eye), possibly metaphors. You must interpret pictures. When asked “Will I lose my job?” You may see leaves falling off the trees, or a person sitting on the sofa watching soap operas and crying.

Discarnate – A person who once lived on the earth plane, or other planets and attaches himself or herself to a living human so they may still live their life vicariously through that individual.

Dowser  A psychic who uses a pendulum, or dowsing rods to answer questions based on the reaction to the dowsing tool.

Flower of Life –  A symbol found in all major religions. The Flower of Life contains the patterns of creation as they emerged from the “Great Void”. Everything is connected through the Flower of Life.

Free Will – Every person’s right to have freedom of choice in all aspects of their life. Free will is our main tool in each incarnation for learning lessons for evolvement and ascension.

House Clearings – The act of ridding a house and or property from of negative energies, negative thoughts and discarnate entities usually done by a psychic or a shaman.

Matrix Energetics – Matrix Energetics is a complete system of healing, self-care and transformation. It is a transferable and teachable phenomenon, powered by intent, which has a physical and observable effect every time. The teachings of Richard Barlett.

Medium – A psychic to has the ability to communicate with people who have at one time incarnated and have since crossed over.

Merkaba – The Merkaba is a crystalline energy field that is comprised of specific sacred geometries that align the mind, body, and heart together. This energy field created from sacred geometry extends around the body for a distance of 55 feet. These geometric energy fields normally spin around our bodies at close to the speed of light, but for most of us they have slowed down or stopped spinning entirely due to a lack of attention and use. When this field is reactivated and spinning properly, it is called a Merkaba.

Past Life Regression – A form of regression in which the subject is regressed into a past life that traces self-destructive patterns with the objective to find incidents that creates blocks in their present life.

Parallel Universe – Multiple universes that are happening in different dimensions at the same time.

Pattern Removal – A shamanic act of removing patterns that no longer serves you.

Pendulum – A tool made of string, thread or chain with a weighted object attached to one end. Used to communicate with unconscious thought forms.

Power Animals – Spirit Guides from the animal kingdom.

Psychic – A person who is sensitive to energies and vibrations allowing them to easily enter into an induced state of consciousness enabling them to recognize and interpret messages from etheric realms of consciousness.

Psychometry – The means of touching an object, such as a piece of jewelry, to get psychic information that was impregnated into the DNA of the object from a previous owner of the object.

Psychopomp – A psychic or a Shaman who helps discarnate entities enter into the Divine Light.

Sacred Geometry – The basic building blocks of our Universe are based on mathematics and form of Sacred Geometry. Healing can be facilitated and meditation enhanced by using pyramid energy, crystals and art in the sacred geometric forms. The secret to life is in these forms and numbers. by studying a flower or a geometric shape, one can learn the basis of life.

Shaman – One who capable of psychic/medium skills that is either inherited or initiated through Native American teachings.

Shamanic Extraction – The process of extracting negative energies from your etheric or physical self usually performed by a shaman.

Shamanic Soul Retrieval – The process of retrieving a fragmented part of your soul usually performed by a shaman.

Spirit Guides – Spirit Guides are beings in the spirit realms that are in essence looking out for you by working with you towards your highest and greatest good. Everyone is born with a Spirit Guide that will stay with him or her for his or her entire life. This Spirit Guide is your Guardian Angel.

Spirit – Universal Life Energy. Many cultures and religions have different names for the same life force. Some you will know as God, Buddha, Goddess, Allah, Creator, and Oneness, Source.

Woo Woo – Woo-woo (or just plain woo) refers to ideas considered irrational or based on extremely flimsy evidence or that appeal to mysterious occult forces or powers.

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