An Experiential and Healing Workshop

workshopClients have often asked me how it is that I seem to flow through life with a sense of grace and ease. They wonder how it is that timing always works out in my favor, with money and work showing up when I need it, and information finding its way to me at the perfect moment. They also wonder how I’m able to show up to challenging situations, like illnesses, family tragedies, and unhealthy relationships, with a sense of perfection and a deep trust that all is unfolding as it should.

The real question, underneath it all, is how can THEY experience more of that in THEIR lives?
Was it something they could learn to do, or are we each just born with a certain predisposition towards ease?

The truth is, we all have the same abilities to create ease and grace in our lives. That’s right, ALL OF US, even YOU. So I got busy with my colleague Heather Needham (an extraordinary intuitive and sound energy healer), and we designed a workshop to teach YOU how.

Your ability to magically create that grace and ease depends on two things:

  1. Clearing and tending to your energetic field
  2. Activating and nurturing a relationship with your MAGIC MAKER

You see, each of has a MAGIC MAKER.  It’s your eternal divine spark, the life force energy residing within your heart chakra. While the divine spark is always there, in a world of chaos and fear, the divine spark can burn low beneath fears and blocks and become overshadowed by discarnate energies. (Discarnate A person who once lived on the earth plane, and attaches himself or herself to a living human so they may still live their life vicariously through that individual therefore disrupting your MAGIC MAKER).

When your energetic field is blocked in this way you’ll experience a lot of disharmony in the world. A lack of flow. Lots of resistance.  Dis-ease with yourself, people, space and time. But when your energetic field is clean, and that divine spark burns bright and clear, you can create a life that feels magical! Things come to you, time works in your favor, and your needs get met easily.

Are YOU ready to activate your MAGIC MAKER?

In this two day workshop you will:

  1. Experience a deep, profound, and intense healing to prepare you to meet your MAGIC MAKER.
    • We will lead you in a sacred healing circle
    • I will release discarnates that interfere with your energy field
    • Heather will channel healing tones releasing disruptive blocks
  2. Activate your MAGIC MAKER.
    • We will take you through the steps to activate your MAGIC MAKER.
  3. Learn the tools to work with your MAGIC MAKER on a daily basis so you can:
    • Work with your MAGIC MAKER for self-healing
    • Release negative thought patterns and release negative energies (whether they are yours or someone else’s)
    • Protect your MAGIC MAKER from negative energy (vital for empaths!)
    • Nurture your relationship with your MAGIC MAKER
    • Keep a clear connection with your MAGIC MAKER by tending to your energetic field

As a result of the intensive group healing and MAGIC MAKER activation, you will leave this workshop able to:

  • Allow life to unfold with gratitude, so you can see life’s perfection versus getting caught up in ego drama
  • Manifest what you need to move through times of chaos
  • Experience a greater sense of prosperity
  • Manipulate time in your favor
  • Easily access your inner wisdom
  • Create and maintain healthy relationships
  • Activate self-healing
  • Live the highest version of yourself

WOW! Are you as excited as I am for this? After years of clients asking me how I do it, I am thrilled to teach you to work with your MAGIC MAKER so YOU can move through the world with a deep sense of trust and flow.  JOIN US!

Heather Needham

Mary Deveneau

Mary Deveneau


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How the MAGIC MAKER Workshop was Born

On a crisp Spring morning, my colleague Heather Needham and I set out on a brisk walk to brainstorm ideas for a workshop. We started out as cheery as the songbirds tossing out ideas and greeting people that passed. But after some time, my feet and mind felt weary. I sighed and said “no, these have already been done. My clients have been with me a long time and they know all of that. They want something new. I don’t want to rehash or repackage what they have already learned. I want to bring them something new.”

Feeling the weight and promise of this intention, we turned onto a private boardwalk. The deck boards felt strong under our feet and led us out to a secluded overlook adorned only with a little green bench. When we reached the guardrail we paused meditatively to look out over the wetlands stretching before us.. Slowly our hearts began to ease as we observed the wildlife moving in and out of the clear water, fresh green grasses, and cool breezes. Gently interrupting our quiet reverie, Heather asked,

“Mary, what is it your clients want to know?”

The answer came easily to my lips, “Over the years my clients have asked me, ‘Mary how do you do it? How do you so easily live a spiritual life free of ego and drama? How do you manifest loving relationships, financial success, and the last hotel room in an overbooked town? How do you seemingly manipulate time so that your food is done cooking exactly when you are ready for it? How?” I smiled at the irony. “I want to tell them the answer. I want to show them how, but truth is, I don’t know, I just do it.” Feeling the weight of this new intention deepen on my shoulders I turned to sit down on the bench. I gasped as the sunlight flickered on the dedication plaque illuminating the words describing the loved one as . . . “‘a magic maker.” “That’s it!” I said. “That’s how I do it! I use my magic maker!” “Now, I just have to figure out how I activate her, and then I can share the process with my clients so they can use their magic makers too!” Heather laughed with me in joy. And so, the magic maker workshop was born. Heather and I worked all summer to find the answers and process for you. And now we have it and are so excited to bring this healing and activating workshop to life.

So are you wondering, who is your magic maker?

The magic maker is the wise one within, the spark of divine light. Over many lifetimes your magic maker became hidden beneath fears and blocks that cloud your mind with who you should be, what you should do, and why things won’t work for you. When you activate your magic maker, she activates self-healing by clearing disruptive blocks from your akashic records, ancestral DNA, and from this lifetime. She peels away layers of conditioning that no longer serve you. Once released from these blocks you become the highest version of yourself and easily create magic in your life.

Want to activate yours and make magic in your life?

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