Connecting With Loved Ones on the Other Side

My mother passed away several years ago, not unexpected, but like all expected deaths, there’s still an element of it being unexpected. What got me through was the fact that I am a psychic medium I knew I would be able to communicate with her and most likely the communication would be more clear than it had been in the last years of her life when she was so ill.

When she was still here on the earth plane I had told her that I expected her to communicate with me after she crossed. She would laugh not quite believing it was possible.

Well, big surprise to me, months after her transition, I was still not able to communicate with her! In total frustration one evening, I said out loud, “Mom, why haven’t I seen you? Where are you? I help other people connect with their loved ones and I can’t even connect with my own mother! Please, at least, give me a sign that you’re around!”

My ranting went on for two days. On the morning of the third day my daughter called me from her home in Montana. She wanted to tell me about a dream she had the night before.

She dreamed she was getting married and Grampy, my dad, was sitting in a chair in the front row. I was there and said to her how much I wish Grammy, my mom, could be here. My daughter said she was there sitting right next to Grampy. She said, “Mom, just because you can’t see her doesn’t mean she isn’t there.”

I take that as my message, my sign, from my mom. Amazing!

The lesson here is to trust that they are with us and they will communicate through different ways, whether through signs or dreams. When I stopped worrying about not seeing her, I started seeing all of the signs she was leaving for me; all the signs that I had been missing all along.

About The Author

Mary has joyfully played with her passion as a psychic medium, teacher, speaker and healer most of the last 40 years of her life. Mary uses her unique and uncanny gifts, inherited from her Irish Grandmother, to empower people with tools for healing the body, mind and spirit.
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