Cha-Cha-Cha Changes

Moving to Northern California

“Everything changes, nothing remains without change.”  ~Buddha

I have always loved change. My favorite and wisest changes have been the ones that I went into kicking and screaming with resistance.  What we need the most, is usually what we resist the most. That was me when I resisted moving to the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State from Maine in 2003.

I was happy in Maine living close to my family, friends and the wonderful ocean that has my favorite walking beach in the world. I had bought a house on my own and had a waiting list of clients. Life was fulfilling, peaceful and joyful.

Then it happened.

Just when I realized how happy I was with myself, and my life of being single again after a 23-year marriage, a wonderful man named Michael showed up.

I do know that you have to love yourself and your life first before Mr. or Ms. Right will show up. By that time, you may just resist a relationship. You think to yourself, “Where were you when I really wanted someone in my life? Why didn’t you show up back then?” Now that you are completely content they decide to show up!

I gave up on looking well before he showed up by building a lifestyle for myself that worked well. To hell with a relationship!  I was going to enjoy my life without a man. And it worked.

When he showed up, I resisted anything but a relationship as good friends. That went on for months over the phone from Washington to Maine until we realized that we wanted to be together.

He wanted us to live together in Port Townsend, Washington where he was working.  Moving to Washington was a tough decision for me. I was so happy in my life. I kept telling Spirit to give me signs to show me if this was the right thing to do. And the little signs I got, I ignored.

I was looking for signs that would prevent me from giving up my perfect life in Maine, for a man. I didn’t get any of those signs; I kept getting the green light signs. I kept asking for more signs because I wasn’t getting the message I wanted.  A bright flashing red light would sure make it easy for me. How arrogant of me!

The signs got stronger. So strong, I couldn’t resist anymore.

Spirit had an eagle talk to me over the phone… yup, that’s right. Michael was sitting on his deck over-looking the Olympic Mountains on Discovery Bay. An eagle was sitting in the tree across the street eaves dropping on our conversation. I kept making excuses to Michael why I couldn’t move 3000 miles away.  Every time I made an excuse, the eagle would squawk which I could hear over the phone in Maine. Seriously, this happened several times during the conversation. We even played with this by me saying, “okay, I’ll live there” and the eagle was quiet. The minute I said, “no, I can’t move out there” the eagle would squawk again.  Michael finally said to me, “didn’t you tell me the eagle was your power animal?” Well he had me on that one.

I came out to visit for a week to check out Port Townsend. While Michael was working one beautiful sunny fall afternoon I walked the beach, this time the Pacific side. I asked Spirit over and over again for another sign. After a two-hour walk, with no signs that I saw or heard, I headed back up the street to Michael’s house.  I looked up the hill and saw a hawk flying in a tight circle over some houses. Hawk is another one of my power animals. Hawk brings messages from Spirit so I always try to figure out the message for me when I see a hawk. So I asked hawk in my mind, “do you have a message for me?”

As I continued walking up the hill past all of the houses in the neighborhood, I got closer to the hawk. I was taken aback when I realized this beautiful hawk was flying a tight circle right over Michael’s house! I started to laugh out loud. In fact I was laughing so hard, I stopped walking and just watched the hawk. “Okay hawk that is a very clear message, thank you!” I was over-joyed with how Spirit was not going to let me get away with not listening.  I was laughing at my self for trying to resist what Spirit has designed for me with perfection.  I had finally surrendered!

At that point, I knew I would move to Washington. I knew it was a perfect place and a perfect time with the perfect man. I knew it so much, I emotionally moved in right then and there. That was confirmed when I continued my walk up the hill and turned into Michael’s driveway. I noticed my car was gone. I panicked. Where was my car? It was there before I left. I could see it in my minds eye, parked right there in the carport. Then it came to me, I flew here, my car was in Maine!

I walked in the house and stated, “Hello, I’m home.”

I’ve been here nine years now and nine is the number of completion. I have completed my time here; it’s now time to move on. I will be sad to leave this beautiful peninsula, my beautiful home, the many friends and the wonderful clients I have in my life here. I do know that the people who are in your ‘tribe’ won’t let you out of their sight, nor will you let them out of yours. There are many ways to hang onto your closest connections these days. I’ve learned over the years that many times these connections grow with separation.

This time I am listening to Spirit without resisting. I have surrendered.  As fun as it was getting all those ‘Spiritual Kick in the Butt’ signs, the stress is not worth it. I learned my lesson the last time around. So Michael and I are selling our home here and moving to the Sacramento area. Michael has accepted a new job in that location and for me, I can work anyplace as most of my sessions are done over the phone.

Without resistance, everything is working out easily and effortlessly. That’s when you know it’s right. So, no resistance here. That doesn’t mean I won’t miss this life, but I look forward to being in a new area to share my new workshops with new people and expand my awareness to a new level. A new path awaits me and I accept it with joy and ease.

When our home sells here we will find a new home in a town outside of Sacramento. I would love it if you would share my newsletter with any friends or family that may be in or around the San Francisco/Sacramento area.

I hope all of the changes presented to you be seen as a gift from Spirit. Sometimes it doesn’t feel like a gift at first, but when you look back at it, you will see that it truly was a gift. Have faith and trust with Spirit. Everything is perfect at this very moment, don’t you think?

About The Author

Mary has joyfully played with her passion as a psychic medium, teacher, speaker and healer most of the last 40 years of her life. Mary uses her unique and uncanny gifts, inherited from her Irish Grandmother, to empower people with tools for healing the body, mind and spirit.
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