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Happy New Year 2018

Hello friends, This is the time of the year when we consciously ‘let go’ of the past year and make positive resolutions for the New Year, much of what we, (or most of us), never follow after a few weeks….

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Cha-Cha-Cha Changes

Moving to Northern California “Everything changes, nothing remains without change.”  ~Buddha I have always loved change. My favorite and wisest changes have been the ones that I went into kicking and screaming with resistance.  What we need the most, is usually…

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Connecting With Loved Ones on the Other Side

My mother passed away several years ago, not unexpected, but like all expected deaths, there’s still an element of it being unexpected. What got me through was the fact that I am a psychic medium I knew I would be…

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10 Simple Ways To Manifesting Change

1. Clean out your closets and shed anything that no longer serves you. 2. Organize your life on a daily basis. 3. Bring closure to unresolved relationships or any unfinished business. 4. Raise the energy vibration in all food and…

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A True Story of Signs from Spirit

A young woman is unhappy in her job, but she continues to plug away at it for several different reasons first and foremost being that she needs the money, so she thinks. The office she works in is environmentally not…

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