Igniting the Healing Power Within

Basic Psychic Awareness Workshop

International teacher, Mary Deveneau shares her wisdom with this powerful foundational workshop designed for the beginner student who is looking to connect with their Spirit Guide.

In this workshop, Mary shares basic knowledge of the chakra energy system, and works with each individual, personally, to pinpoint the blocks of negative influences, and negative thought forms that need to be cleared to help you to look within to easily connect with your personal Spirit Guide.

You will learn what chakras are, how to clear your negative energies, release your blocks, and how to keep yourself grounded here on the earth plane for better concentration and focus.

You will practice basic meditation skills to release stress and through energy balancing of your chakras and you will increase your awareness of your life purpose with a new passion to help you to soar to a higher level of vibration.

Your guides will show you how to create sacred space in your home and place of work so that you may easily bring a positive flow into your life benefiting all aspects of your life including your health, career, abundance and healthy relationships.

Connecting with your highest guidance in a safe space with a small group of like-minded souls offers you a healing that is always profound.

Join Mary in this two day workshop for the beginning of your Spiritual Journey with Guides that will make you laugh and sometimes heal you with tears, but always in a gentle and loving manner.

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