Create Peace Within

Level II Psychic Awareness Workshop

This is the next level of Psychic Awareness following the Basic Psychic Awareness Workshop.

In this workshop you will tap into the new frequency that is now available to us so that you can explore a new way of being. We will explore and incorporate a new way of connecting to the ONENESS of all that is.  This is the new frequency that has catapulting us into 2016.

You will connect to a higher level of spiritual teachers by clearing major blocks from past lives allowing you to release patterns of negative behavior and negative thought forms.

You will give receive the new ‘latest and greatest’ tools to clear your energy field, raise your vibration, reframe your DNA and read the signs and messages from Spirit’s in other dimensions.

You will learn to clear discarnate entities, discordant energies and negative influences.

Join this workshop if:

  • You want to open yourself up to new possibilities in every aspect of your life.
  • Create new relationships on a healthier level including your relationship with your career, health, family.
  • Heal your relationship to sadness, guilt, anger and lack.
  • Connect with powerful Spiritual Teachers.
  • Change your life for your highest and greatest good.
  • Create psychic kick-ass clarity!

I am here to help you with your process.

This small, experiential workshop is designed for students who have taken my previous Basic Psychic Awareness Workshop. Otherwise, call Mary to talk with her about your level of knowledge to determine if this is the right workshop for you.

“When you heal yourself, you are then able to heal others just by being you”.

“If you are ready to see peace in the world, then create peace within yourself first!”

Prerequisite: Basic Psychic Awareness Workshop or permission from Mary. Call or email me now as this will be a very small workshop and it will fill up fast.

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