A True Story of Signs from Spirit

A young woman is unhappy in her job, but she continues to plug away at it for several different reasons first and foremost being that she needs the money, so she thinks. The office she works in is environmentally not friendly, just like the people in the office. She calls it a toxic environment, but continues to stay because she lives in a small town where the jobs are few and far between. There are many unemployed people waiting at the door for someone to quit. Over the months her self-esteem dwindles, she is tired and stressed; she sleeps all weekend and can barely pick herself up out of bed on Monday morning to return to the drudgery. She looks for other jobs, but they don’t pay as much and they aren’t the type of job she wants. She knows she needs to quit, but how? How would she make a living? How would she pay her bills? What would her college friends think of her just working another job for a short period of time when they are nestled snuggly into the corporate world? Knowing the corporate world is not for her, she struggles with low paying jobs that lead to nowhere. Or so she thinks.

As months turn into a year, her stress gets more and more intense; she finally collapses with the flu. She’s never had such a bad flu, but she still continues to work after only a day of rest, after all, she needs the money and she’s already used up all her sick days. So back to work she goes. A few days later, she comes down with bronchitis. After a trip to the doctor and a handful of antibiotics, she goes back to work worried that her paycheck is getting smaller every day she is out sick. She still hasn’t listen to the message from Spirit, so they give her a whopping sinus infection. Back to the doctor she goes for more meds and home for a couple more days. The Spirits are amazed she is on her way back to work even after all the signs they have given her. With another plan up their sleeves, they decide to take away her transportation to the job. On the way home from work, the engine in her car seizes up and quits, for good. Now she is very depressed, tired, frustrated, sick and mad. The Spirits shake their heads when she gets up the next morning and walks to work. While at work, one of the supervisors calls her into her office and starts ranting and raving about nothing. Her ranting turns into screams and she is aware it’s not about her, but none the less, she is the brunt of this woman’s personal rage. She is shaken to the core with the unexpected velocity of this woman’s words of anger. She walks out of the room, leaving this woman still screaming. She goes straight to the boss and asks for help with the way this woman treats everyone in the office, and how this woman has finally lost it. The boss was no help. He says he has been working in offices for 15 years, and there are always women who won’t get along. Totally beat, she leaves work at the end of the day. At least it’s Friday and she has the weekend to get over it. The weekend goes by and on Monday morning she comes back to work, this time her spirit is barely alive. This job is sucking her life’s energy from her, but she sees no way out. She can hardly lift a pen or even turn on her computer. The Spirits are wondering if she can finally see they have other plans for her. If she would just ‘let go’.

To be continued….

About The Author

Mary has joyfully played with her passion as a psychic medium, teacher, speaker and healer most of the last 40 years of her life. Mary uses her unique and uncanny gifts, inherited from her Irish Grandmother, to empower people with tools for healing the body, mind and spirit.
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